Terms of Use

Our site is designed to download, post and distribute photos and other images of our users. These rules determine the conditions for our interaction with the user

On our site is allowed

  • Unlimited in volume and free placement of our users own graphic materials - photographs, drawings and other pictures - that do not violate our rules. Anonymous posting is allowed.
  • Download materials from personal computers, via links to other resources, from mobile phones, including directly from cameras.
  • Placing on other sites links to images located on our site.

On our site is prohibited

  • placement of other people's graphic materials - photographs, drawings and other pictures;
  • placement of adult nude photos outside the "Nude" section;
  • placement of child pornography in any form;
  • placement of pornography in the public domain - such photos should be placed in hidden albums, access to which is protected by a password;
  • placement of images with images and / or descriptions of "bookmarks";
  • placement of extremist materials and others that violate the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • spam;
  • explicit advertising of other sites;

Punishment for breaking the rules

Depending on the degree of violation of our rules, the user violates the graphical material of the user, temporarily or permanently locks the account, deletes the account with all materials. The correctness of the decision on punishment is not discussed.

How to contact us

You can leave your message on the contact page.

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